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GCRA helps managers in organizing data by stations, programs, projects. These entities are linked together logically. Then GCRA could prepare budgets of the related stations, projects and programs respectively.




GCRA provides an important tool for estimating budgets of planned activities, such as plowing, harrowing, fertilizing, weed control, and so on. These budgets may be the part of yearly or quarterly budget of a research station or a research institute.




Module WorkShop is a program to assist workshop managers in management of equipment. It can remind them of regular services of equipment, trace back the history of maintenance, find proper parts, and estimate the cost.




Module Station Inventory is a useful tool for manager of logistic service. It can retrieve, update all equipment and consumable in a research station. The manager can keep and retrieve records of take-out made by employee, and monitor the financial situation of each project.




Users of GCRA are able to access to GIS through dynamic link in GCRA. Then the application Project Planning can be used to select plots, for a project, which meet the requirements, such as about size, fertility, etc., set up by research scientists.




Module Inventory is designed to manage inventory of an institute of agriculture research. It is characterized by retrieving and updating data of inventory, as well as visualizing distribution of inventory among stations.




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